CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2021

We have arranged here the CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2021. You can view or download this CSS International Relations Paper-II 2021. This is the 2nd paper of IR in CSS Examination held on 21-02-2021.

Get CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2021

The following questions were given in the CSS IR Paper-II 2021:

Q2. Examine China Strategic Vision behind ‘The Belt and Road initiative (BRT)’? Also known as the one belt one road (OBOR).

Q3. Give a critical appraisal of Pakistan’s foreign policy in the perspective of Climate Change.

Q4. What could be the reason for the emerging water conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Q5.  Discuss National Energy Policy of Pakistan in the context of CPEC signed in 2015.

Q6. What is a pandemic? How can the pandemic management strategy be made part of the governance system of Pakistan?

Q7. Why and when was the BRICS established? Which countries are part of BRICS?

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Q8. How can Pakistan develop credible capabilities to deter ‘Hybrid’ warfare?

You can Download this CSS IR Paper-II.

CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2021

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