CSS Comparative Study Paper 2021

In this article, you will find the paper of  CSS Comparative Study Paper 2021. Get the CSS Comparative Study Paper 2021.

CSS Comparative Study Paper 2021

The following questions were given in the CSS Comparative Study Paper of 2021:

Q1. 20 Marks of Objective paper.

Q2. How the comparative study of religions, as an academic course, play a vital role in the social and moral progress of human society? 

Q3. Discuss Talmud as Jewish Law Book by highlighting its basic teachings. 

Q4. Define and discuss “Trinity” with the help of authentic references of Christian religious scholars. 

Q5. Write a note on the history of Christian mysticism by determining its main theme. 

Q6. How can a person seek nirvana? Explain in the light of Buddhist doctrine. 

Q7. Analyze the social structure of Hinduism. 

Q8. What do you know about the Islamic belief of completion of Prophethood? Discuss. 

You can download this CSS Comparative Study Paper 2021.

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