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The Law is the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.

See the explanations below:

Austin’s definition of law
John Austin
is a renowned British jurist of 19th Century. He published extensively on the philosophy of law.
He was Professor of Jurisprudence in the University of London (now University College London) 1826-33. His
book: “
The Province of Jurisprudence” determined was very popular. He gives the following definition of
“Law is the command of the sovereign”

  • Command (Order)
  • Sovereign (Ruler)

Thus it may be stated that law is the order of the ruler.  

Simple definition of law

Law is the right of one, obligation of the other, maintained by law enforcing authority

  • Right (Sheltered and recognized interest)
  • Obligation (Duty)
  • Maintained (Managed)
  • Enforcing authority (Implementing power)

Thus it may be stated that law is the sheltered and recognized interest of one, duty of the other managed and
controlled by law implementing power.

Additional information
Kinds of sovereign:

  • De-jure sovereign (Constitutional ruler)
  • De-facto sovereign (Unconstitutional ruler)

Aristotle defines constitution as, “A constitution denotes not only an arrangement of office, but, a manner of

Aristotle’s definition of law
“Law is the experience, developed by reason and reason, tested by experience”.

  • Experience (=Knowledge)
  • Reason (= Rationale)
  • Tested (=Checked)

Thus it may be stated that law is the knowledge, developed by rationale and rationale, checked by knowledge.  

Relevant Quotation:Experience is a very hard teacher she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards”.  

Classical definition of law
Law is the ‘dispassionate reason’ and its content is the same as that of morality.

  • Dispassionate (=Unemotional)
  • Reason (= Rationale)
  • Content (=Substance
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