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The supreme advantage of law is peace and harmony. Law governs both the ruler and the ruled.  

Advantages of law 

  • Uniformity and certainty
  • Equality & impartiality
  • Protection from errors

Uniformity and certainty: 

The first of the advantages is that the law imparts uniformity and certainty to the administration of justice. This advantage enable the people to know what the law is what would be the decision of the court.  

Equality and impartiality: 

The law is made for no particular person or for no individual case and so admits no respect of person which is incompatible with justice. None can escape from the clutches of law.

Protection from errors:

The law serves to protect the administration of justice from the errors of individual judgment. The establishment of the law is the substitution of the opinion and conscience of the society at large for those of the individual to whom judicial functions are entrusted. Aristotle observes: “To seek to be wiser than the laws is the very thing forbidden by good law itself”.  
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