This page is for LAT (Law Admission Test) Preparation Online. LAT Stand for Law Admission Test. HEC (Higher Education Commission) has made it compulsory for all the candidates who want admission in a 5-year LL.B Degree. LAT Preparation Online is a really helpful and easy to understand method.

This LAT (Law Admission Test) will be valid for 2 years. Here we have all the study material for LAT preparation for the students. The HEC will conduct LAT paper every year after advertising in the newspaper. Stay connected with this web page or bookmark it to be updated about the upcoming LAT papers and study material.

LAT Paper Pattern

The following topics will be asked in the LAT paper. There will a total of 100 Marks. A candidate who secures 50% marks will be declared successful.

  • Essay (English or Urdu) of minimum 250 Words. (15 Marks)
  • Personal Statement (Urdu or English) (10 Marks)
  • General Knowledge MCQs (20 Marks )
  • English MCQs (20 Marks)
  • Islamic Study (10 Marks)
  • Pakistan Study MCQs (10 Marks)
  • Urdu MCQs (10 Marks)
  • Mathematics MCQs (05 Marks)

For more information about Law Admission Test (LAT) Preparation, a method to apply, and much more you can visit this link here.

Important Links for LAT Paper

Here all the Study Material for LAT Paper is given below. Click on the relevant subject to prepare well for your coming LAT paper.

LAT Pakistan Study MCQsLAT Islamic Study MCQsLAT English MCQs
Urdu Essay Paper for LATEnglish Essay Paper for LATLAT Personal Statement
LAT General knowledge MCQsLAT Urdu MCQsLAT Math MCQs

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Law Admission Test (LAT) is a really impressive step by the HEC and the Bar Councils to reshape this profession into a real profession.