How to Register a Company in Pakistan | Private Limited Company Registration

In this article, I will discuss the Registration of Private Limited Company in Pakistan. This guide will tell you how to register a company in Pakistan. If you have a business idea then you should incorporate your business into a private limited company. The method to register a company is very simple and clear. I will guide you step by step so that you can understand the company registration procedure easily.

In this article you will know:

Documents Required to Register a Company
Application Method & Name for your Company
Fee for Registration of Company
Types of Legal Companies in Pakistan

Documents Required to Register a Company

1. Memorandum of Association: explains your company relationship with the outside world under which business sector your company e.g. Institution, Travel agency, etc.

2. Articles of Association: is about the day-to-day proceedings within the company. It tells about the role of the Chief Executive Officer and directors. In short, it defines the run setup of your company.

3. CNIC Copies of Directors, CEO, Nominee (for the single-member company), or copies of passport in case of a foreigner.
NOC or letter of intent/ license from concerned authorities if you want to register some specialized business.

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4. In the case of foreign company incorporation, you need to provide more details such as List and details of Directors. The company profile, detail of Directors, and their nationality. You need to provide a Company charter’s certified copy. You need to provide Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association as well.

5. Authorization of Subscribers for filing of documents.

6. Registration/Filing fee.

Application Procedure to Register a Company and Name of Your Company

After collecting all the necessary documents mentioned above, you will proceed to the office of  Registrar of Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). There you will apply with an application by mentioning your Name of Company on the application. For Reserving your company Name you can visit this link.

This will save you time and try to choose a unique firm or company name. After deciding the name of your company, check for its availability. If it is available then you can reserve that company name by creating an online account with SECP.

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Fee for Registration of Company in Pakistan

The total company incorporation fee is almost Rs. 1800  for online submission if the nominal share capital is not more than Rs. 100,000. For offline submission, the total company incorporation fee is Rs. 3500.

Types of Companies in Pakistan

You should know that in Pakistan the following 4 types of companies exist. These are the 4 legal types of companies.

  • Public Limited Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Single Limited Company

Any two or more persons associated for lawful purpose can form a Private Limited Company by subscribing their names to the Memorandum of Association and according to the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017.

Single Limited Company

If only one member forms a private company, it is called a single-member company. You can form a Single Limited Company according to the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017.

Public Limited Company

Any three or more persons associated for lawful purpose can form a Public Limited Company by subscribing their names to the Memorandum of Association and according to the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017. There are two types of Public Limited Company, Listed and Unlisted.

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Download Companies Act 2017

Download Guide Lines, forms, Memorandum and Articles of Associations, etc.


To conclude the discussion I can say that the Companies Act 2017 is the law related to Registration of a Company in Pakistan. You should read and understand it before applying for company registration. Now If you have question then you can ask it on our Question and Answer portal which is where you will find a quick answer or ask in the comment section below.

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Abdul Khaliq
Abdul Khaliq

سر میری سرخ مرچ پاؤڈر اینڈ ہلدی اور تمام مصالحہ جات کا چھوٹا سا کاروبار شروع کیا ہے میرا Ntn بھی ہے اور پنجاب فوڈ اتھارٹی کا لائسنس بھی ہے اور میں اپنے کام کو رجسٹرڈ کروانا چاہتا ہوں تاکہ میری کمپنی کا نام کوئی اور استعمال نہ کرے پلیز کیسے کروں


how can we change company status from SMC Pvt.Ltd to Private Limited? i am a overseas pakistani, just few days ago i have open a company in karachi which is SMC, but now problem is that since i am not in Pakistan so i am unable to open company Bank account they required biometric. so for that i think only solution is i have to change company status SMC Pvt.Ltd to Private Limited and then my partner can open bank account.
kindly i need guidness to tell me how can i do that.
thanks a lot!

salman chand
salman chand

company registerd krwa dein 03061313134

salman chand
salman chand

asslam o alaikum sir company registration karwani h kitny charges lein gy

Rai Ather
Rai Ather

sir please rikshaw or auto k lia company ki registration and requirement b bataen

Waqar younas
Waqar younas

Ma daraz pr as a local saller work krta hu mere shop ka name games Junction ha jis ma ma PlayStation ka kam krta hu ma daraz mall pa transfer hona chta hu jis ka liye company registration letter required h kya ma company register kr skta hu shortly ya k ma Sony ka products sale krta hu kya possible ha ma apna games Junction ka name register krwa k Sony k products sale kao

Ammar Yaseen
Ammar Yaseen

That is pretty good stuff.

Khalid Bhutta
Khalid Bhutta

Great and full information


Very good post brother.

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